Any keen observer will tell you life’s most interesting moments don’t necessarily involve the loudest people at the table, the centers of attention, or the stars of the shot.  The real action worth watching is happening on the periphery, off-stage, out of focus.  Sometimes you don’t even realize what you’re seeing until you look just a little closer.  

This is why this photo is one of my favorites.  It’s not because of what’s in focus – but what isn’t. 

Can you spot it?
The Schellhardt and Wissmanns gather to celebrate Helen Schellhardt's 8th grade graduation at Schellhardt's Cafe in Philadelphia, PA

Nifty Fifty and Dirty Thirty

Since it’s a birthday day, you get a two-fer!  Two posts for the price of one!  Today marks the birthdays of a Schellhardt grandchild and Schellhardt great-grandchild born 20 years apart!

Little Terry Knuttel – the 26th grandchild – turns 50 today!  Just yesterday she was 49!  Full disclosure – Terry happens to be one of my favorite cousins.  And not just because she showed me the Pacific Ocean for the first time!  Compared to most of my cousins, I met Terry fairly late in life on account of her living all the way across the country but I think she’s pretty awesome nonetheless.  Fun factoid – Terry, like me, is the only daughter and youngest child of a Schellhardt daughter and we are the only granddaughters without a sister.  But she had to contend with three older brothers so I think I probably got off easier!

Today’s second birthday belongs to Frank, Uncle Bob’s oldest grandchild and Helen Jean’s son.  He turns 30 today!  His birthday makes me feel really old! 

Schellhardt Generations hopes Terry and Frank party like it’s their birthdays!  We’re so glad that you’re a part of our family!   

Max Schellhardt with his boxers in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Tomorrow kicks off the 137th edition of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in New York City so it’s time for us to go to the dogs. 

One of the weirdest aspects of our family history – to me, at least – is that Max raised (bred?) boxers behind the bar at 30th and Girard.  I guess it’s just weird because when I think of raising dogs, I imagine wide open spaces with lots of grass in the countryside, not the backyard of a corner row house in the middle of a city.  But what do I know?  I’m a cat person. 

According to my mom, Max and Aunt Anne showed dogs at Westminster which has me itching for more information about this part of Schellhardt family history.  Mainly, how did they get the dogs to New York City?  And then that question leads to – what kind of car did Max and Anna have?  It’s amazing how one question leads to another and that leads to another and another!

Anyway, in lieu of answers, I’ll just share this picture of Max and his dogs with you!

Can anyone name these dogs?