Continuing our theme of Schellhardt - Wissmann togetherness, today's featured photo shows the Schellhardt and Wissmann grandchildren with their grandmother, Mathilda.  It also shows that kids will be kids whether it's 2013 or ca. 1933.
Front (l-r) - Bill and Charles Schellhardt with Al and Mary Wissmann Back (l-r) - Mathilda Wissmann Schoener holding Bobby Schellhardt and Louisa Wissmann. ca. 1932-1933
(l-r) Bill and Charles Schellhardt (bkgrd) Bob Schellhardt
Schellhardt Generations is a completely non-political, non-partisan website.  Same deal with this blog.  I don’t care if you’re a Democrat or a Republican, I couldn’t care less if you’re a member of the Liberation Party, the Tea Party, or even the Donner Party.  Well, actually, I’d be worried if you’re a member of the Donner Party. 

For the record, Anna Schellhardt (Nanny for Cousins 1-33) was a registered Democrat, at least as of 1984.

 I don’t know if either she or Max were heavily involved in the political process and were members of the 29th Ward Democrat Club or if they just happened to be passing by one day and decided to take a picture of their boys in front of the building.  But I think this photograph is appropriate on this day.

Clearly, the kid (Bob Schellhardt) in the back was an Independent.

Can anyone spot the future Republican?