This was a big week for presidential library geeks – uh, people like me who collect mugs from each library.  Yep, there are people who do that.  Thursday marked the dedication of the George W. Bush Presidential Library in Dallas, Texas.  A few years ago, when the library was still a warehouse in an industrial park, I was offered a job there.  I turned it down, opting for a life of Maryland blue crabs and snow balls instead of big hair, even bigger boots, and Friday night lights in Texas.  It was a tough decision only in that I knew my chances of meeting a cowboy would pretty much go out the barn door.  Ho-hum.  But don’t cry for me Texas – my life turned out pretty well. 

Since it was such a momentous week, I knew I had to feature a photo that paid homage to the occasion.

Get ready for pictures of baby Republicans!

Just kidding!

Since I equate Texas with cowboys, here are a couple of photos of our very own cowboys!
Charles Schellhardt saddles up a pony on the mean streets of Philadelphia
Howdy, partner! That's what we call an urban cowboy 'round these parts!
Yeah...I'm stretching things a little aren't I?  

Sorry for the quiet week!  Lots going on!  But keep checking in!  It's May soon!