Anna Wissmann with her sister-in-law Catherine
Every Friday, I'm going to feature a photograph that I love or just think is really cool!  Please participate and share your favorite family photo so the rest of us can enjoy it too!

The subject of today's featured photo is Anna Schellhardt.  The photos actually come from Aunt Betty Schellhardt's album and I saw it for the first time just recently.  Now, let's talk about Nanny.   Stories about Nanny run the gamut.  Depending on whom, Nanny was a tough old lady who was mean and cranky or she was a generous woman who gave the shirt off of her back to anyone who needed it.  Unfortunately, the "mean" stories outnumber the "nice" stories.  I always imagined an iron-fisted matriarch who kept her brood in line and didn't have time for the warm fuzzy stuff.  Granted, there was good reason - she went through a lot in life.  Her father died when she a baby, she lived in an orphanage for a time, she lost her husband when she was in her 40s, she outlived a son, and on and on. 

When I was little, Nanny was a feeble woman living in a nursing home.  The Nanny I knew was slight and hunched over in her chair.    She wasn't the spirited, domineering woman that I would come to know through the stories told about her.

But before Nanny was Nanny, before she was a mother and a wife, she was just a girl.  A girl who had a pretty smile for the camera.  I can almost here her laughing.



Helen Knuttel
01/26/2013 7:52pm

I cannot read what is on the page that has the maroon (?) background and the black print. Please make the printing white. Thank you, Aunt Helen

07/30/2016 3:01pm

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03/14/2017 7:09am

Your website would be a great venue for all photographers who want exposure for their masterpieces! Just like me, I'm pretty sure that my fellow photographers are interested to your project. Talking about the photo you selected for this entry, I think it's kind of old. It's a precious photo of Anna Schellhardt The smiles I see in the photo are both radiating! It's a good photo!


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