Sierra Ventana manifest. Image courtesy of Ancestry.com via the National Archives and Records Administration
Grab a life vest and shout Chips Ahoy! ‘cause it’s the first installment of Manifest Mondays!  

Ship manifests are pretty cool because – depending on the time period – they provide neat information about the ship passengers – ages, occupations, physical characteristics.  Early manifests were handwritten and – as we’ll see with the Vaderland manifest – hard to read.  Later manifests were typed and easier to understand!  The manifests were required to be filled out by the steamship lines at the port of embarkation – you weren’t getting a voyage unless your name was on the manifest. 

Today, we’re going to look at Line 9 of the Sierra Ventana’s manifest.  That’s Max’s line.

But first, let me tell you why I don’t think Max and I are related.

So, this might be shocking to some people but I don’t really identify myself as “being a Schellhardt.”  I mean, I know I am…well at least half of me is.  But really, I’m my father’s daughter and am most comfortable “being a Henderson”.  And I am really good at “being a Henderson”.  See, Hendersons are kinda quiet and like to keep to themselves.  This works out well in our family because when you have a mom who’s a Schellhardt, it’s usually hard to get in a word edgewise anyway so we just tend to watch and listen.  And listen some more. 

I think this sometimes bothers my mom – she’d like to see me engage more.  Open up.  Join things.  Every once in a while, we’ll have a little back and forth –

Mom:  You need to get out there and do things.  Meet people.  Join something.
Me:  I know!  But I don’t like to join things!  I’m not a joiner! 

But you know who was a joiner? 

Max Schellhardt. 

See, I'm just a Henderson in a long line of Schellhardt joiners.  


Now, before I get a half dozen emails – yes, I know this refers to Max’s occupation as a carpenter.  According to dictionary.com a joiner is a carpenter, especially one who constructs doors, window sashes, paneling, and other permanent woodwork.

This portion of the manifest indicates that the passenger line 9 - Max Schellhardt - was an 18 year old single German male who could read and write and who listed his occupation as joiner.  

Next week - Max's destination and why I'll never get mad about a $25 gift card at Christmas again.  



Helen Knuttel
02/02/2013 9:43am

Believe me Denise, you are a Schellhardt. Max was "quiet and kept to himself". I don't ever remember having conversations with my father except for the one when Bill asked for my hand in marriage. He took us for a long ride and talked to us about marriage and who and what should come first in that marriage.

02/04/2013 10:36am

Isn't that interesting?! I never imagined him being quiet or one to keep to himself. That whole dynamic is so interesting! So, when he talked about marriage - WHAT did he say?! Did he talk about compromise?

08/28/2016 6:39pm

I had been waiting for the first ship manifest ever since you posted you will be sharing four of them with us! It was truly enaging reading about the Sierra Ventana’s manifest. Thank you again for sharing this with us!

09/07/2016 12:37am

That's very interesting. Thank you for posting this kind of information.


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