Starting tomorrow, we’re going to examine the various ship manifests that document the voyages of the Schellhardt and Wissmann families to America.  Here’s a list of the four manifests that I think are important to our family history.  (ARCHIVIST ALERT – listen up, archivists are supposed to be objective and neutral.   I follow that rule in my day job.  I don’t follow that rule here.  Please don’t report me to the Archivist Cops.)  Back to the list:

1.       S. S. Vaderland – Ludwig Wissmann and family, September 1905

2.       S. S. Sierra Ventana – Max Schellhardt, August 1924

3.       S. S. Reliance – Adolf Schellhardt, May, 1926

4.       S. S. Bremen – Max Schellhardt and family, March 1935

Quick notes –

The records themselves are in the custody of the National Archives and all images are from  I think it’s legal to use the images as long as I provide proper citations.  I should probably check first before I end up in Archivist Jail though. 

The manifests record the names of passengers on ships arriving at U.S. ports.  I swore a long time ago I was told that manifests for outgoing ships were not required or retained but some of my archivist pals recently told me that wasn’t the case.  In any event, I haven’t found any outbound manifests.

Each week I’ll examine a manifest – or part of a manifest – to provide a sense of the information that was recorded and the clues that can help us fill some of the missing parts in the narrative of our family history. 

Tomorrow – the Sierra Ventana and why I don’t think Max and I are related.   


08/17/2016 4:11pm

Sea voyages have been of my interest for quite some time now. Since I am already very interested in families of Schellhardt and Wissmann families, attributing to their rich historical linkage with America, learning about their ship manifests just adds to my keenness. I am really looking forward to learn more about it.

02/09/2017 5:23am

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06/05/2017 2:55am

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