…and then that one becomes six and six becomes 33 and 33 becomes a whole lotta family.  

What happens when a family tree grows so large and individual branches mature and grow limbs with Schellhardt(y) leaves of their own?  What happens to the root system of that tree?  Does anyone remember that the roots need to be tended and maintained? 

Do the budding leaves of that family tree know about those roots?

Who remembers a German boy named Max and his American-born wife Anna?  Who remembers the tone of his voice, the cadence of her speech, the firmness of his handshake, the sound of her laugh?  Who remembers their dreams, their hopes, their joys, their sorrows?   

Who remembers that before there was all of us, they planted the roots of our family tree? 

What if it’s too late to remember?  What, then, have we lost?    

Recently, at two separate parties with two separate branches of Schellhardt families, there were conversations about capturing those memories and sharing old family photos and the few family records that exist so that everyone in our extended family can understand and appreciate the roots from which we all grew. 

And I thought…well, it’s up to me.  Number 33.  The youngest child of Max and Anna’s youngest child.  The last of their grandchildren.  Maybe it’s true what they say about saving the best for last…

This is my gift to them and to you – the Schellhardt generations – by birth, marriage, adoption, or happenstance.

And I hope you will contribute to this project as we tend to our roots.  So we remember. 

Stay tuned for more information!  



09/07/2016 3:42pm

I don't understand the point of this project. I see that you did provide some info but I feel like a great detail is missing. Please work on this and come up with a more comprehensive project.


I learn about new things from your page therefore spend much of my extra time on your page. Thank you very much for sharing important topics with us. Now i decide that refer your page to my friends because nowadays they are free from all activities and i want that they also learn about new things like me.

07/01/2017 10:10pm

Thank you for posting the rich background of Schellhardt generation. I didn't know it was this rich and full of twists. By the way, your family is supposed to grow that big. Because if that didn't happen, I am sure not be able to share this wonderful stories to all of us. By the way, max isn't a new person for me anymore. I've heard a lot of stories regarding him before.

07/24/2017 4:47pm

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