Charles Schellhardt giving brother Bill a lift.
Who lives in a town where the hometown team’s going to the SuperBowl?  I totally admit it – I jumped on the fan wagon to root for the Baltimore Ravens but only because it gave me the excuse to wear my favorite color for a few days!  All the other stuff –namely, the football – I could care less about. 

I have been caught up in the whole brothers thing though – the HarBowl as the news media refers to it.  That’s pretty cool – two brothers coaching opposing teams.  What’s even cooler?  Their parents’ names are Jack and Jackie.  Those are totally the names of my next two cats.

All this brotherly competition reminded me of a photo of another set of brothers who knew how to have a good time!



Jean Schellhardt
02/04/2013 2:37pm

Denise, What a great job?! I have seen some of these items before, but love the way you have presented it. We definitely needed something like this and I truly appreciate you putting so much time into it. I will be sharing the website with other family members

02/05/2013 10:20am

Thanks for visiting Jean! I'm glad you like it. Please pass it along and make sure to stop back to see what we add!


Photos are playing an important role in our life to getting the memories about the good moments that we are also can never forget that are also stored in our eyes and the heart. This is very good post I really like this buddy.


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