Or at least that’s what my mom tells me! 

There’s a danger in setting up a family history website – all of a sudden, people point out the inaccuracies and what needs to be corrected and then you feel all judged and like a total failure at life.  Whoops, I need to keep the self-help stuff on my personal blog.  Anyway, it’s kinda like karma kicking me in the you-know-where – I spend all day pointing out people’s inaccuracies and telling them to correct things (I am the most liked woman at my job!) so I guess it’s my time to shine.

I once read that gathering family history is like a game of telephone.  The stories start off really solid (by solid, I mean factual - like Grandma's name was Sally) but by the time the last person picks up the phone, there’s more fiction than fact to the stories (like Grandma's name was Sally but it was alias because she killed a goat bare-handed.)

When I was born, Nanny told people I had a glass eye.  There was a nugget of fact in the story – I did have something wrong with me but there was no glass eye.  See – facts get messed up and misinformation is spread and before you know it no one knows what the real story is.  Unless they ask the source.  (For the record – I don't have a glass eye but I don't have real cheek bones either.  Ya win some, ya lose some.)

We have fewer and fewer sources to ask about our family history.  So I’m walking a fine line.  I’m trying to fact-check but sometimes that's hard – especially when people have different perspectives on or perceptions of situations, events, and experiences.   

 I pledge to do my best here.  Please know that inaccuracies are not intentional – most of the time, I’m just recalling what I’ve been told, what I've overheard, or what I've lip-read over the years and sometimes I just make stuff up.  (j/k!)

On the website – I’ll stick to the facts, ma’am.  People, places, dates, as verified by appropriate sources.  If you spot something that doesn’t jive with what you know or remember, please email me at schellhardtgenerations@gmail.com so I can revise – or supplement – the narrative.    

On this blog though – well sometimes, stories about glass eyes are just more interesting!   



07/29/2016 2:05pm

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