I often say that I have a small family but a lot of relatives.  My parents, #32, and I are a compact four-person unit that occupies a tidy little branch on a family tree that dangles with a multitude of relatives.    

When I began this website, I intended it to be for and about those Schellhardt relatives – Max and Anna’s children, their children’s children, and now their children’s children’s children (that’s four Schellhardt generations, in case you’re counting.)  It was intended to honor our people.     

But a funny thing happened while I delved more deeply into our family history. 

I started to become acquainted with a whole extended network of relatives who played roles in Max and Anna’s lives.  Most are people whom I’ve never met – they are merely faces in photographs and names on government forms.  I began to realize that those faces, those names, those people were our people’s people.  And that makes them ours too.  

It’s time to get to know the Wissmanns, the Horns, and the Schaefers and their connection to our Schellhardt generations.    

Here's a sneak peak at some of the people we'll meet next week.  
L - Alphonse and Louisa Wissmann with children, Al and Mary, C - Max and Anna Schellhardt, Charles and Bobby, Mathilda holding Anne, Bill, Helen R - Alfred and Catherine Wissmann with children Freddie, Cathleen, and Eleanor


08/14/2016 2:55pm

All relative things are really impressive and great because in this way the people can feel great in their life. I hope that the people can get those things which is best for all of us. We should behave with our relative in great way.

05/25/2017 5:30pm

Being part of a big family has pros and cons. Good thing about this is many people love you. You are surrounded by people who are connected to you by blood. The downside of this is you have to make a connection in each and everyone of them. If you're going to think of it, it's just a small thing and can be done if you are really willing. By the way, I am so happy that you are so close with your extended family!


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