There’s something to be said for being the youngest.  You always know your place.  Last.  Sure, Number 1 knows he’s the first.  And Number 32 knows his number because I told him.  And maybe Numbers 2 and 3 know but after that – who really knows?!  Who really cares?!  Well…we all should.  Just so that I’m not the only weird one who thinks about these things. 

This was actually going to be a game at the Big Schellhardt Reunion of 1991 but it was deemed to be “too hard.”  So we played Moo, Moo, Buckaroo instead.  Not that Moo, Moo, Buckaroo wasn’t challenging…

What we needed was a cousin with enough courage and tenacity to figure it all out.  I think we can all agree that we can thank goodness for Number 33! 

How hard could it be?  It’s not like I was trying to figure out who our godparents are (one of mine is #19 by the way).  Well, it wasn’t a simple feat and it involved combing through old papers, digging into the recesses of my mother’s memory, and one case of Facebook creeping (sorry #10) – but I got it done.  From 1 – 33, I present to you the Schellhardt grandchildren in numerical order.

1.       Chuckie
2.       Diane
3.       Linda
4.       Bobby Schellhardt
5.       Bill Knuttel
6.       Betty Ann
7.       Carole Sue
8.       Stephen
9.       Bill Schellhart
10.   Anne Marie
11.   Debbie
12.   Jean
13.   Joan
14.   Helen Jean
15.   Jimmy
16.   Cate
17.   Cousin Anne
18.   David
19.   Cousin Ed
20.   Karen
21.   Paul
22.   Karl
23.   Kenny
24.   Janet
25.   Michael Peter
26.   Terry
27.   Chris
28.   Margaret Mary
29.   Mary Ellen
30.   Jean Peter
31.   Kimberly
32.   Michael
33.   Denise

I’m pretty sure #12 and #13 are in the right order.  #24 and #25 are in dispute, however, because my mom couldn’t remember who was born first.  Any ideas?

Also, I left off actual birth dates and years because I wasn't sure how people felt about having their ages posted.  

Fun Facts –                                                                                

There are 19 girls and 14 boys

Each family that has more than one son has three sons

15 of the 33 grandchildren were born between 1953 and 1957.  A second baby boom hit between 1960 and 1963 when 8 grandchildren were born.  That means from 1953 – 1963 – 25 grandchildren were born – that’s like ¾ of the family.  (Note, I was never good with fractions so I don’t know if that’s even right)

The age span between oldest and youngest is 28 years

There were no grandchildren born in October

August was the most prolific month – six grandchildren were born in the eighth month 

The busiest time period for birthdays is 2/25 through 3/10 – that doesn’t even include Nanny’s birthday on 2/24 or my mom’s birthday on 2/27  

There is one cousin born on the Fourth of July – #8

There is one cousin born on Tax Day - #2

There are three sets of non-twin cousins who share birthdays - #24 and #25 (same day, same year – 12/12); #3 and #19 (same day, six years apart – 7/8); #7 and #18 (same day, three years apart)

So now you know your number – aren’t you so excited?!

Tell your kids, the great-grandchildren – or as I call them – my contemporaries, not to worry – I’ll work on them next! 

P.S.  Extra credit if you can match up your number with player numbers on the 1964 Phillies roster.



Ed Peter
02/15/2013 4:32pm

19 John Boozer

02/15/2013 6:27pm

Did you know that or did you look it up?! I asked my mom and then confirmed it online....you're right! And guess what - there was NO #33 on the team!!

02/21/2013 3:08pm

I think your Mom was dating him or was that Ritchie Allen LOL

Margaret Henderson
02/21/2013 5:22pm

It was the latter - LOL!

Bill Schellhardt
05/22/2013 3:03pm

I want to say catcher Gus Triandos but I leave it to 'Peggy' for confirmation. I just know it wasn't Clay Dalrymple.

03/04/2015 1:15pm

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