Max on His Wedding Day
The post that I originally intended to write tonight has been pushed back until next Manifest Monday.  I have a complicated recipe to make for dinner tonight so I don’t have time to expound on family history this evening.  But I know you all look forward to Manifest Monday as much as I do, so I wanted to leave you with a little something tonight!

We’ve all seen pictures of a dashing Max with a crazy head of hair and really huge man hands (I notice things like that…don’t ask me why). But what does Max look like on paper? Let’s look at Columns 27 – 32 of the manifest to get a better picture of him.  Max’s line is the very last one on the page.   

Column 27 – Condition of health, mental and physical – GOOD. Whew!

Column 28 – Deformed or crippled. Nature, length of time, and cause – NO. Double whew!

Column 29 – Height – 5 feet, 7 inches. Go ahead, you know you want to do it – measure yourself to see if you’re taller than Max.  Are you? 

The next two columns are my favorite because I have a (totally baseless) theory about our family that I’ll share with you some day.

Column 30 – Complexion – Fair.

Column 31 – Color of Hair and Eyes – Black and Grey (I’m just assuming BL stands for black and not blonde because Max clearly had dark brown hair and they also use BL for eye color.)

Column – 32 – Marks of identification – None. (I don’t know what the 20-12 stands for.)

So – there you have him – Max on paper.  Not too shabby, huh?   

Take a look in the mirror – do you see a resemblance?

CLICK IMAGE FOR LARGER VIEW. Image courtesy ancestry.com via NARA


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