Max Schellhardt with his boxers in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Tomorrow kicks off the 137th edition of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in New York City so it’s time for us to go to the dogs. 

One of the weirdest aspects of our family history – to me, at least – is that Max raised (bred?) boxers behind the bar at 30th and Girard.  I guess it’s just weird because when I think of raising dogs, I imagine wide open spaces with lots of grass in the countryside, not the backyard of a corner row house in the middle of a city.  But what do I know?  I’m a cat person. 

According to my mom, Max and Aunt Anne showed dogs at Westminster which has me itching for more information about this part of Schellhardt family history.  Mainly, how did they get the dogs to New York City?  And then that question leads to – what kind of car did Max and Anna have?  It’s amazing how one question leads to another and that leads to another and another!

Anyway, in lieu of answers, I’ll just share this picture of Max and his dogs with you!

Can anyone name these dogs?



02/23/2013 2:06pm

The dogs were Otto, Mitzi and Spice

09/23/2016 11:21am

Westminster ticks in my mind and it remids of this poem I read in 8th grade, Sonnet on the Westminster Bridge! Anyways, it was an interesting piece of information and I like reading it. Thank you for sharing it with us!

06/24/2017 12:57am

Max Schellhardt is truly a weird person. But behind this image is a man whose love for his dogs is incomparable. That's what I love about this man. He sets as a good example as an animal lover. There would be no hindrance for something you want to do. His house is small and you wouldn't think that he owns a lot of dogs, but he is! That is because he doesn't see it as a hindrance!


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