Hey everyone!  It’s come to my attention that finding Schellhardt Generations may be a little difficult.  And just like when you’re stranded on a snowy mountain without food – if no one finds you, you die.  Such is life on snowy mountains and the interwebs.    

So to make sure that doesn’t happen, I launched a Facebook page for Schellhardt Generations.  Maybe this will get the youngins interested in it too!  They’re all over Facebook and Twitter these days, aren’t they? 

This is totally separate from my personal Facebook so you don’t have to become my friend and you can also avoid all the senseless drivel that I’m prone to post (I’m a  master status updater!)  And not to worry, the Facebook page will not supplant Notes from Number 33 – believe me, I’ve got too much to say to let that happen!    

My intention for the Facebook page is to post when I’ve added new content to the website, put calls out for photographs, ask for clarifications to stories and/or photograph captions, and do anything else that strikes my fancy.  Basically, I want to flood your newsfeed with awesome Schellhardt stuff!  Not really – I know how annoying that can be!

Don’t forget to check back to see what we’ve added and remember – tomorrow’s Manifest Monday so be sure to check in!  It’s our last installment pertaining to the Sierra Ventana before we move on!    

Go like this link – you’ll be glad you did!




08/10/2016 2:41am

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10/19/2016 2:30am

It was a good decision to make this page. I will definitely check it out.

11/01/2017 6:50am

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11/03/2017 7:19am

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