Anna Wissmann as a baby ca. 1908
Today is a very important day!  It kicks off my birthday week!  It’s a jammed pack celebatory week in honor of ME!  Six more days until my birthday! 

Oh yeah, there are a few other birthdays this week too.  I guess we should celebrate those too.

All kidding aside, today is an important day as it marks the 105th birthday of Anna Wissmann Schellhardt (Nanny).  She was born February 24, 1908 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – her parents' first American-born child and only daughter.  She joined olders brothers Afred and Alphonse who were born before the family emigrated from Germany in 1905.  

But rather than me writing about Anna, I’m going to let her tell her own story. 

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A HUGE thank you to Terry Knuttel for sharing this with us to add to our family archives.  In 1977, Terry had to do a family history project for school and Nanny, 69 years old at the time, wrote this card to her.  I think it is a vitally important addition to our archives.  If anyone else received communications such as this from Nanny or other relatives, please, please consider sharing it here! 

Happy Birthday Nanny!

[front of card] Tell Mother I will write her a long letter.

Dear Terry Mom + Dad.

Terry this is a very hard thing for me to write about.  You see Nanny was in an orphan asylum until I wa[s] eight years old and I really don’t remember much about those days.  I know when Grandmom took me out I went to live with a cousins and their mother.  I do have some very nice thoughts about that.  It was in Delanco N.J. and we had a canoe and they taught me how to swim + row a canoe.  Then my Mom bought a little house and we came home to live.  I went to St. Peters school and I was very proud of going.  We lived in that house until we all got married.  I can’t recall much of my childhood.  I went to work when I was 16 yrs. and enjoyed that.  Over

So I guess the next best thing or happy thing was when I met your Granddaddy and got married.  When your mother was born and when she was 6 wks. old we went to Germany.  We only stayed a year their and was glad to come home.  We bought a little house and was never so happy.  Until Pop got the business.  So that was 25 years of my life and then Pop died and I moved to Oreland.  We had lots of nice times together.  Love Nanny


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