I’m a firm believer that if you release a hope, a dream, a request to the world, it will come back to you.  I know it’s true because for months I kept asking the universe to build a CVS in the new shopping center by my house.  Lo and behold, that CVS is now open for business!  These days, I keep asking the universe for more customer service oriented CVS cashiers.  It’s the little things in life, you know?

In another example, just two weekends ago, I called my mom in exasperation wondering why nobody was coming to play with me on this website.  Two days later, I started getting emails and Facebook messages from various relations about what they could do to help.  And I thought to myself, next time, I’m going to ask the universe for a million dollars.

So, in that “the universe will give me what I ask for” vein, I thought I’d post some wishes that I have for this website.  Okay, they’re really wants.  Wish.  Want.  Potato.  Potahto. 

1.      A vintage Schellhardt [Tree] Growing tee-shirt from the 1991 Schellhardt Reunion.  And pictures from that reunion.  Better yet, pictures of attendees wearing those tee-shirts at that reunion.

2.      A guest blogger once a month.  I’m a generous kinda girl – I’d be willing to turn Notes from Number 33 into Notes from Number 9 or Notes from Number 4-GG (that’s great-grandchild).  Think about it.  I bet you have awesome stories and insights to share.  And quite frankly, I wasn’t around for a long time.  You need to bring me up to speed on what the family was doing…especially in the 70s.  Admit it, everyone was out disco-ing! 

3.      A family book club.  It wouldn’t be required reading.  I’d even allow Cliff Notes.  Come back tomorrow to find out why I think this is a stellar idea!

4.      The liquor license from Schellhardt’s Café.  I don’t even know if bars needed liquor licenses back in the old days and my responses to the Philadelphia City Archives have gone unanswered.  If I can’t get the license, I’d love a picture of the front of the bar. 

5.      A chartered bus trip on a journey that I’ve entitled “Walk Where They Walked.”  Hear me out – the Kennedy family (yes, that Kennedy family) used to take a family trip every summer during which they all climbed into chartered buses and visited the Boston spots that were important in their family history.  I’m pretty sure Teddy played tour director and narrated the whole thing.  If Kennedys can, Schellhardts can!  We could charter a bus and drive around the streets of Philadelphia.  Who wouldn’t want to see where the Schellhardts got their start?      

There you have it, Universe.  Now do your thing!



02/23/2013 6:16pm

I have a Schellhardt Tree Growing T-Shirt. I also have pictures from the reunion but not too many with people wearing that particular T-shirt.

02/25/2013 11:57am

Hi Diane! I hire you to take a picture of that shirt! I'll keep you posted...I'm going to dig through my hoard to see if I kept mine. I guess no one wore the shirts at the reunion itself! Oh well! I'll be putting a call out for reunion pictures in a few weeks so if you're interested, I'd love to include them here!


Wow! You are so lucky to have those wishes granted in no time. I am positive that your wishlist here will also be granted. However, you also need to exert a little effort to make your wishes come true. The universe isn't literally granting wishes on its own. Best of luck to your plans and wishes.

09/19/2016 9:20pm

Mostly people are doing the wishes to other person on different events just like happy birthday, happy anniversary etc. Mostly people are always prayer to other and also says best wishes.


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