In my never-ending quest to count everything, I have compiled the list of Max and Anna Schellhardt’s great-grandchildren.  Not counting my cats, there are 58 great-grandchildren; counting the cats, there are 67.  Following is a list roughly in birth order.  But for anyone born after 1991, it’s like you don’t even exist – I didn’t have any birth information so I had to tack all those kids on at the end.  Sorry! 

That actually brings me brings me to the Family Census (which ties in nicely with our new Censusational Sunday series that launches tomorrow!)  Why does all my information stop in 1991?  Well, that was the last time comprehensive information was gathered from the family about who was who and what was what.  In anticipation of the 1991 Family Reunion, information sheets went out to everyone and you, your spouse, your parent, or other legal guardian filled out the sheets and sent them back to, I guess, my mom.  Now, I have them all and I can do neat things with them like make birth order lists on Saturday nights!  It beats the heck out of roller-skating!  

Unfortunately, anyone born in 1992 or later, well, we’re all out of luck.  But really, it’s not like anything’s happened in the last 20 years!

When my mom said that she’d also like me to compile a list of great-great-grandchildren, I was like, whoa!  I don’t think so!  I have enough trouble keeping track of all my cats, there’s no way I can track down an entire new generation of Schellhardts.  But then I felt bad.  So I decided that it’s time for a Family Census to gather biographical information (some of you have already sent me your info and I greatly appreciate it!) I’m currently working on a census form and I would love it if you would fill it out so that we can add all the new members to our family tree.  Maybe each one of you could fill it out or maybe each family would like to designate an enumerator (we’ll learn about them tomorrow!) to gather information for your particular branch and then submit it to me for addition to the larger tree.  Let’s think about could be fun!

In the meantime, here’s the list of Max and Anna’s great-grandchildren.  After each name, the person’s specific family branch is noted.  (And now I'm praying that I haven't forgotten anyone!)   

1.       John (Jersey Schellhardt) 
2.       Paul (Jersey Schellhardt)
3.       Tracey (Jersey Schellhardt)
4.       Chuck (Jersey Schellhardt)
5.       John Paul (Delaware Schellhardt)
6.       Melissa (Jersey Schellhardt)
7.       Jeff (Jersey Schellhardt)
8.       Emily (Delaware Schellhardt)
9.       Kelly (t – Jersey Schellhardt)
10.   Colleen (t – Jersey Schellhardt)
11.   Amy (Jersey Schellhardt)
12.   Debbie (Peter)
13.   Melissa (Delaware Schellhardt)
14.   Chris (Jersey Schellhardt)
15.   Mike (Jersey Schellhardt)
16.   Frank (Ardsley Schellhardt)
17.   Ryan (Delaware Schellhardt)
18.   Zac (Delaware Schellhardt)
19.   Will (Jersey Schellhardt)
20.   Dan (Jersey Schellhardt)
21.   Matthew (Delaware Schellhardt)
22.   Sarah (Delaware Schellhardt)
23.   Eric (Delaware Schellhardt)
24.   Christina (Peter)
25.   Andreas (Knuttel)
26.   Jeffrey (Ardsley Schellhardt)
27.   Wayne (Jersey Schellhardt)
28.   Tim (Jersey Schellhardt)
29.   Taylor (Delaware Schellhardt)
30.   Patricia (Delaware Schellhardt)
31.   Jason (Delaware Schellhardt)
32.   Rebecca (Delaware Schellhardt)
33.   Matthew (Ardsley Schellhardt)
34.   Paula (Jersey Schellhardt)
35.   Kate (Knuttel)
36.   David (Delaware Schellhardt)
37.   Benjamin (Delaware Schellhardt)
38.   Martin (Knuttel)
39.   Sebastian (Knuttel)
40.   Timothy (Ardsley Schellhardt)
41.   Nicole (Delaware Schellhardt)

Need Information

Jersey Schellhardts  

Delaware Schellhardts
Ryan (confirmation only – our records say he’s younger than Rebecca and I KNOW that’s wrong!)
Logan (although I just heard he turned 18!  Happy Birthday!)

Ardsley Schellhardts
P. J.

Peter Family

Fun Factoids –

There are 32 boys and 26 girls

The Delaware Schellhardts have the most great-grandchildren; the Knuttels have the fewest

There are two sets of twins (one set in the Jersey Schellhardts, one set in the Delaware Schellhardts)

There are two sets of great-grandchildren born on the same day (not including the twins)

There are two great-grandchildren older than the youngest three grandchildren


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