When I think back to Easter mornings of my childhood, I remember frilly dresses, fancy Easter hats, and tons of hollow chocolate bunnies.  And of course, the annual Easter egg hunt in Aunt Anne and Uncle Ed’s backyard.  I wonder if the cousins in this picture had Easter egg hunts at Nanny’s house?

Today’s featured photo is my all-time, absolute favorite photograph (and according to my mom, she’s pretty sure it was taken on Easter!) 

I hope you and yours have a very happy Easter!
Who can name these kids?!


Diane Schellhardt
03/29/2013 12:56pm

I can name them. From left to right (back row) - Steven K, Billy K, Bobby S, Linda S, Diane S, Chuck S, (front row) Anne Marie S, Carole S., Helen Jean S, Debbie S, Gidda H, Gabby H (spelling?) Nanny is holding Jimmy K. and Margaret is holding Cate S.

04/06/2013 6:26pm

Hi Diane! Sorry for the delayed response...but yes! You are correct! If I had an Easter prize, I'd give it to you!

05/28/2016 10:25am

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12/26/2016 11:54pm

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