Continuing our theme of Schellhardt - Wissmann togetherness, today's featured photo shows the Schellhardt and Wissmann grandchildren with their grandmother, Mathilda.  It also shows that kids will be kids whether it's 2013 or ca. 1933.
Front (l-r) - Bill and Charles Schellhardt with Al and Mary Wissmann Back (l-r) - Mathilda Wissmann Schoener holding Bobby Schellhardt and Louisa Wissmann. ca. 1932-1933


The recording of past moments done through the pen. Its schelhardt always make easier for making such movements. People make pictures and make record for the future. It’s always memorable movement when we look again and ember such moments.

10/08/2017 10:00am

Wow, this photo is so vintage! I think it's hard even to find them. Am I right?


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