Ahh, who doesn’t remember the awesome 1980s?  People were rocking big hair, half-tops, and leg warmers like nobody’s business.  To heck with cell phones, we had car phones!  The only fun thing to do on a computer was play Oregon Trail.  And don’t even get me started on the Brat Pack (in the movies, not in our family!)

While the 1950s and 1960s saw the Schellhardt family tree grow with the births of grandchildren and 1979 wrapped up with birth of the last grandchild (me, #33!), the 1980s signaled the start of a whole new decade and saw our family explode when many of the Schellhardt grandchildren grew up, got married, and started families of their own.  There were lots of weddings and lots of babies born in the 1980s - 31 great-grandchildren were born in that decade –  with almost a third of them born in 1985 and 1986! 

For me, the 1980s was a time of ring bearers and flower girls; first crabs and First Communions; Cooper sharp cheese and Nabisco cookies; watching Charlotte’s Web in a basement on Penn Avenue and coloring in a basement on Morris Drive.  It was ham and cheese sandwich runs to a nursing home after dinner and stops at Jack Frost on the way to Oreland.  It was Halloweens, and Christmases, and Easters spent with aunts and uncles and more cousins than you could count.       

But like everything, where there is life, there is loss.  The 1980s saw the deaths of our family matriarch and two uncles and we watched an aunt battling a terminal illness that would eventually take her at the beginning of the next decade.  December 1990 was effectively the end of the family of my childhood.  After that, it was time to grow up.    

But in the 1980s, all of that was still in the future.  When I look at the pictures in the 1980 photo album, I just see a family who was busy living and growing. 

Do you have any photos from family events in the 1980s (even if it was your own branch of the family)?  If so, please consider contributing them to our site!  Please email me at schellhardtgenerations@gmail.com.  (wish list – pictures of weddings and/or holidays and pictures of grandchildren/great-grandchildren with Nanny)



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People born in the 1980s are classified as millennial generation along with those born in the 1990s. I belong to this generation so I haven’t experienced much of the 80s since I was just starting grade school at that time. I remembered though the notorious fashion fads back then. The very colorful clothes, shoulder pads, super mini skirts, leg warmers, huge dangling earrings, fingerless gloves and oversized tops are just some of the popular 1980s trends. But aside from unforgettable fashion statement, there are lots of significant things that happened in this era which marked history. In 1980, John Lennon, the world famous Beatle singer was assassinated. In 1981, Personal Computers were introduced by IBM. Indira Gandhi, the Prime Minister of India was killed in 1984.The wreckage of Titanic, which had slumbered on the floor of the Atlantic Ocean for over 70 years was found in 1985. In 1986, Haley’s Comet, a short-period comet that is only visible to earth every 75-76 years passed by. DNA was first used to convict criminals in 1987 and finally in 1989, the Berlin Wall fell. These are just some of the top events that made 1980 a remarkable year. If you research and review history timeline, there are more important happenings which in one way or another have helped shape our future.

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It was a wonderful time of our youth!

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Yeah, this time was amazing. I wish we could return back in those days.


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