Mathilda Horn Wissmann with her children Alfred, Alphonse, and Anna and nephews Joe and Louie Wissmann
Wissmania has returned!  The picture above is in a photo collage that Aunt Helen made for my mom and I always felt bad because the guys on the end didn’t fit in the oval opening that the picture was in so they were effectively cropped out of the photo.  But it was okay ‘cause they were just some cousins. 

Just some cousins.  Kinda like Number 33 is just some cousin! 

When I would ask my mom just who those cousins were, she would try to explain it – they were her grandmother’s nephews, Joe and Louie.  But I always got a little confused because they were the sons of Mathilda’s sister, Ida Horn.  I always got tripped up on how that made them Wissmanns. 

It wasn’t until this past November that I finally connected the dots - or, in this case, connected the relatives.    

Joe and Louie’s mother, Ida Horn, was married to Laurenz (sp?) Wissmann, the brother of Ludwig Wissmann who was married to Ida’s sister Mathilda, the mother of Alfred, Alphonse, and Anna Wissmann Schellhardt.  

Did you follow that?

More importantly, do you know what that means? 

They were DOUBLE COUSINS – related on both the maternal and paternal sides!!!  So, they’re like, really, really related to us. 

Both Joe and Louie came to America in 1923.  For Joe, however, it was a return of sorts as he was actually born in the United States.  Last week, we had a glimpse of the manifest on which Louie (Ludwig) appeared - he came to America in November 1923 on the S.S. Muenchen and was sponsored by Mathilda and Ida’s youngest brother, Alfred Horn. 

Joe came (back) to the States a few months earlier in April 1923 aboard the S.S. Reliance (remember that ship name…we’ll be seeing it again).  Who was he going to join?  His double aunt Mathilda (Horn) Wissmann.    

So – does everyone have it straight?   We come from Wissmanns.  They come from Wissmanns.  We're all Wissmanns. 

And, oh yeah, we're all Horns too. 

Next up – what’s a Horn got to do with it?
CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGE. Image via ancestry.com via NARA
Please check out our Family Records page for a few new additions.  I recently added Mass cards for some of our deceased relatives.  They were submitted by Aunt Helen Knuttel.  

Also I didn't post on Sunday but so I have to send a belated birthday shout-out!  Bill Knuttel celebrated his birthday on Sunday.  Happy Birthday Bill!  We're so glad that you're a part of our family!


08/11/2016 3:24am

The thrilling story of the Wednesday activity that you shared here this is very interesting buddy. With the reading of that I am getting too much fun and entertainment fir the good time pass. Hope you will share more.

02/01/2017 3:45am

What an old photo! How much time had passed since that?

05/19/2017 3:36am

My congratulation to Bill too! I wish him all the best!


Thank you for posting the family photo of the Wissman's. Actually I don't know anything about them before. It's only on your page when I know something about them. They have a quite interesting family story and I am glad to know these facts about them. I know everything that happened about them were already decades ago. But I couldn't help but to be happy because I've read it!

10/23/2017 5:20am

I want to know more about this family. I am sure there is a nice history of your family.

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