Once again, I’m shaking up Photo Friday by posting a record instead of a picture!  But it’s for a good cause, I can assure you!

One of the things that archivists have to do is figure out the extent – the total measurement – of the archival materials that are in a series.  We do this so our researchers will know that they’ll be getting a small amount of materials or a large amount of materials.  If you think a bunch of archivists are running around with rulers, think again!  We’ve got cheat sheets and short-cuts which are especially helpful to those of us who are mathematically challenged.

When we’re measuring though, there’s a basic rule of thumb – you measure the way the records lie.  So, if records are filed front to back in the box, we know that’s usually 1 linear foot.  If the records are filed from side to side – in a standard archival box – we know that’s 5 linear inches.  If the records are flat in the box, you measure from top to bottom - basically the height of the materials.  Yep, I went to school for this stuff.  

When I teach training classes, I’m notorious for my bad puns and pop culture references – for some reason, I’m the only one laughing – anyway, when I get to the section on extents, I like to do a rip-off of the Rihanna/Eminem song “I Love the Way You Lie” to get my point across.  It's a seriously good time.  Unfortunately, the discussion usually veers off into a heated discussion of whether the records lie or lay.  Lie or lay.  Lay or lie.  Who knows?! 

But sometimes the records just flat out lie. 

Or, at least, fib a little.

Today is NOT Max’s birthday but try telling that to his passport!
Max Schellhardt's Passport - pages 2 and 3


Helen Knuttel
04/06/2013 11:51pm

Yes, It's a lie!!!!! His birthday is April 13 and I have his birth certificate straight from Germany to prove it!!

04/07/2013 7:32pm

Well, not so much a lie...probably a clerical error or something! Yes, waiting to add the birth certificate to the archives!

Helen Knuttel
04/08/2013 2:40pm

Did I send you a copy? If not, I will do so ASAP.

06/17/2016 3:49am

Schelhard is best source of material available for the written material we may put marks by using it for up coming generation. Its best source available now a days for written material. Its good and fine in every section.

09/07/2016 12:08pm

Wow, his passport is very vintage. How old is it? Tell me about it, please.


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