I’m hoping that my records are correct and today really is the birthday of one of the babies in this week’s featured photo.  If not, then I posted this on a random Friday and there's no context to the story whatsoever!    

Anyhoo, today may or may not be the birthday of Jean Schellhardt’s oldest daughter, Emily.  Why is this significant?    You see, Emily is the first great-grandchild who is younger than me.  Okay, maybe this weird little factoid is only significant to me.  But before Emily, everyone was older than me - including the seven great-grandchildren who were born before 1979, the year Emily and I were born.

There may only be six weeks separating us but I'd like to point out that I'm the older cousin!  (But at 34, it doesn't seem as important as it was when we were 10!) 

This photo was taken in 1980 when we were both around a year old!  
l-r: Denise and Emily ca. 1980
Happy Birthday Emily!  We’re so glad that you’re a part of our family!  


Margaret Henderson
04/19/2013 8:37am

Yes, Denise you have this information correct. This picture was actually taken at your first birthday party with some of the family. We are certainly happy that Emily is part of this family, and you too!

Gerri Snyder
04/19/2013 10:20am

Your third cousin on the Horn side, John Snyder, (my son was also born in 1979. You met John on Easter Sunday at my house.

04/19/2013 11:55am

Mom - my birthday party? Wow! There's snow on the ground...if you look closely!

Gerri - that's right...I'm older than John too! 1979 was a good year!

Emily Meczkowski
04/22/2013 7:39pm

What a cute photo! Thanks for the happy birthday wishes! I have many fond memories of getting to grow up with my mom's super young and super cool cousin! Thanks Denise!


What a great vintage photo! I like this amazing post. Thank you for it.


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