On this day in 1953, Helen Schellhardt married Bill Knuttel!  

The new Mr. and Mrs. William Knuttel, May 9, 1953
The experienced Mr. and Mrs. William Knuttel, 2013
60 years is quite the accomplishment!  Congrats to Aunt Helen and Uncle Bill on this momentous occasion!  


05/09/2013 11:22pm

Thank you Denise!!

04/17/2017 9:01pm

Congratulations to both of you! I feel so glad knowing that your marriage last for a long time. That's a great blessing from the Lord! I believe you have encountered thousands of experiences, and you managed to endure those things together. You remain loyal to each other, that's true love! 60 years of being together is definitely a great achievement. Stay in love with each other and may God bless your family!

06/19/2016 12:30pm

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04/17/2017 8:51pm

What a wonderful couple they are! Congratulations on their 60 years together! Finding the right person for yourself is no easy task and if you were able to, you are one lucky person. Not everyone gets a chance to meet the right person for them worse, they met them, but they did not end up together. I am happy for the both of them may they have more years to spend together. May you please share their stories to us readers to get to know the both of them more? I hope that I would also find someone who I get to spend the rest of my life with no matter how hard the situation gets.


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