Remember a few weeks ago when I told you about Max's naturalization?  Well, here are the official records - his declaration of intention, his certificate of arrival, his petition for citizenship, and his oath of allegiance (bye-bye German Reich, hello America!) 

There's no narrative or witty banter in today's post because sometimes you just need to let the records tell their own story!
Did you learn anything new about Max?  I know I did!

A huge thanks to my colleagues at the National Archives in Philadelphia!  Now...who wants to do me a favor ('cause I used up all mine) and request Mathilda's records?!  


05/02/2013 4:43pm

Tell me what to do and I'll do it. I have a story to tell you about one of the witnesses on Max's citizenship paper. Do you want me to write it all on here or send you a separate email?

05/03/2013 9:34am

Please send a separate email with the story - then I'll convert it into a guest post!

I'll send you details about requesting Mathilda's records.

Helen Knuttel
06/01/2013 11:34pm

Denise, I think I just shot my theory to hell. I just look at the date of my father's citizenship paper and it is Dec, 1926. My mother and father were already married by then and so was my grandmother married to Schoener by then. So, it stands to reason that if Elizabeth lived in Phila and was Mathilda's sister-in-law, she was a likely person to be a witness for Max.

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08/21/2017 6:38am

So finally there are some documents presented by the United States of America which can provide the proof of all the legal matters claimed by Max. I don’t know whether this is legal to share these documents or not but they are solely presented on the demand of public.


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