In my town tomorrow, we’re celebrating Lakefest.  It offically marks the opening of paddle-boating season.  When I first moved here, my mom and I made it an annual tradition for a couple of years – we went to Lakefest, one of us (uh, not me) would cry because the other one of us refused to rent a paddle-boat, and then we would have a picnic lunch.  Granted, this was a Schellhardt/Henderson picnic so we’re not talking lunch-meat sandwiches here – it was more like a fried chicken and mashed potatoes kinda picnic.

Since it’s Lakefest weekend, I figured the photo that I featured today should have something to do with a lake or a picnic.  Apparently, we weren't much of a lake-going family back in the day but it looks like Schellhardts enjoyed their fair share of picnics!
Who remembers summer days at Green Lane Park?  
There is such a ridiculous amount of stuff to love about this photo!


I like the idea of Lkefest. It's like a nice way to celebrate but what's the conceot and idea behind this event? I would love to know more about this festival!

09/19/2016 11:21pm

Tomorrow is Sunday and i am planning for a picnic with my family because i couldn't went for picnic with them for a long time. I hope to enjoy this picnic well anyway these old people are looking nice enjoying picnic and everyone should try to enjoy like them in free days.

09/22/2016 8:54am

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