There’s something about Schellhardts and food.  We like it.  We Some of us like cooking it.  Lots of us like to eat it.  Or maybe this is a gross generalization and the foodie obsession is just on my branch of the family tree.  It always surprises me when I find out that not everyone plans vacations around the number of restaurants that they can visit in a 24 hour period!   

Like it or not food – or maybe I should say entertaining – is in our blood.  You can trace it back to that tap room at 30th and Girard or you can trace it back to Mathilda Horn Wissmann’s days as a cook – allegedly for wealthy Philadelphians.  Either way, a Schellhardt party isn’t a party without a spread of culinary delights.  And if my mom is hosting, well, be sure to pack a doggie bag. 

For a long time, I thought the culinary arts gene skipped me.  I’ve never been big on cooking – there were way too many dangers, from burning the house down to cutting a finger off while slicing an onion.   I left the cooking up to my brother – it helped that he spent most of his formative teenage years in the kitchen of a local Italian restaurant.  And lemme tell you, that boy can make a mean chicken parm. 

It also didn’t help the situation that I have a mom who loves cooking and freezing care packages for me.  Seriously, why bother cooking?  Over the past few years, however, I’ve tapped into my latent cooking talent.  I mean, when you’re pinning hundreds of recipes on Pinterest, you’d better start doing something with them, am I right? 

But who needs Pinterest when there’s the Schellhardt Growing Cookbook?!  Did you even know there was a family cookbook?!  It was “published” in 1991 for our big family reunion.  Family members near and far, short and long, contributed recipes to the cookbook.  And I’m quite sure it became a cherished part of cookbook collections across the Schellhardt family. 

But it’s been 20 years since the first publication!  Time for a new and improved edition.  Or just a new way to make it available!  I’ve made the complete Schellhardt Growing Cookbook available on our website under the Schellhardt’s Café tab.  Appropriate, eh? 

As an homage to contributors to that first cookbook, I plan on making something from it each week and sharing the fruits of my labor with you right here!  Anyone up for a cook-off?! 

But that’s not all!  I say we grow the Schellhardt Growing Cookbook.  Do you have a favorite family recipe that you want to share with the rest of us?  Is there a special dish that you take to every family get-together?  If you do – send it to and we’ll add it to the online cookbook!

In the meantime – happy cooking!  Or eating, if that’s more your thing!  
Gathered around the table


Helen Knuttel
10/06/2013 8:08pm

Well, Rouladen is our favorite get-together family meal. Number 2 might be Nanny's crab cakes, but not all of my family are partial to them as they are to the Rouladen. I don't know that there is a recipe written down anywhere for Max's Potato Dumplings, but if anyone comes across such a recipe, please share it. A Friday night dinner during Lent when we were still observing "Fish Friday" was potato pancakes with applesauce. I don't know if I have a recipe for that, but will try to jog my memory on how to make them before I get completely senile. Guten Appetit to alles!

Margaret Henderson
10/07/2013 6:14am

Max's Potato Dumplings???? How come this is the first time I am hearing of this dish??? Did my father cook???? I have made the potato pancakes - lots of work but so delicious! Guess I will have to share that recipe.

Helen Knuttel
10/07/2013 3:18pm

Daddy didn't cook, but he did make potato dumplings a time or two. He made them out of raw potatoes and you had to press the water out of them, so being the carpenter that he was, he made a Potato Press. I guess we could find a recipe somewhere. It wasn't anything out of the ordinary. I think it just had the usual egg, flour and maybe some condiments. I'll have to search the internet to see if I can find any recipes for Potato Dumplings.

Helen Knuttel
10/07/2013 3:20pm

I don't remember the pancakes as being a lot of work, but them what do I remember these days. LOL! If you have a recipe for potato pancakes, will you please share it. Thank you.

10/07/2013 6:17pm

This sounds like this could be our next cooking project Mom!

Anne Schellhardt
10/07/2013 2:26pm

I remember my Dad making them once, but I don't have the recipe.
They were good. If you find the recipe, let me know.


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